CSM Physics Research



Dave's Particle Accelerator

Dave Jadrejcic obtained his PHD from Colorado School of Mines by building a particle accelerator and taking measurements from interactions between an ion beam and certain gases (such as argon or neon).  His arrangement was put into SolidWorks for his final thesis and presentation.



Casper Gas Chamber

A set of vacuum sealed chambers was designed that could maintain a pressure of 10^-5 torr (for reference, space is approximately 10^-8 torr).  The application was to simulate astronuclear reactions from space by sending an ion beam through the blocks and having it interact with gas sprayed into the central (round) chamber.  The blocks were designed in SolidWorks and then machined to spec by a local machine shop.  The system was then assembled, automated with the different vacuum and pressure pumps and then leak tested to ensure reliable function.



Sonik the Hedgehog

This vacuum chamber, with all of its odd extrusions and cuts, was intended to mimic reactions happening on the sun.  As an ion beam is passed through, gases (such as argon or neon) can be injected into any of the protrusions.  Modifications were made to it in both SolidWorks and in the shop, after which it was leak tested and shipped to South Dakota School of Mines for further experimentation.