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Monstratae is a 3D CAD consulting company created to get your product to market. Dedicated to working with you, We will take a napkin sketch through multiple design revisions all the way to actual production. Monstratae will even go as far as finding a manufacturer for your prototype and production runs in the USA.

Need a photo realistic rendering of your idea? Monstratae has you covered. Any color, material, or finish can be applied to your CAD model to show to your investors or clients. High quality videos can also be produced if multiple angles and detail views are needed.

Need an estimate on how your product will hold up in the real world? Finite element analysis (stress testing, flow simulation and vibrational analysis) can be completed to give you an idea of how your final product might behave. These computation intensive simulations can help show that your design has a high chance of success or what changes can make it better.

Even as you near production, Monstratae can produce what you need. Shop drawings, assembly videos, 3D printed prototypes, and more. we can find someone to manufacture your product or give you the necessary files to do it yourself. Documentation and instructions can be created to assist your team with assembling your product or even simplifying that process.

With years of experience in SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CAD CAM (and on the shop floor), Monstratae can help you materialize those great ideas you have been holding on to. Hesitate no longer and seize this opportunity to create.


What is in the name?

The word monstrare is Latin, meaning to inform, instruct, or describe. Monstratae is the future perfect tense conjugated from its infinitive, monstrare. In this tense, Monstratae, specifically means that at an exact time in the future "we will be informing, instructing, or describing." As Latin is the base for many languages, mechanical design is the base for many products, and instructive communication remains essential throughout.


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